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Epidermal Calcium Gradient and skin barrier function


In the body, calcium, in the form of the ion Ca2+, is the most abundant metal ion and fifth most abundant element in the body, on both an atom and weight basis. Over 90% of calcium resides in bones and tooth enamel. The rest, described as mobile Ca2+, is found throughout body fluids and takes part in various process, including muscle contraction, blood clotting, nerve excitability, intracellular communication, membrane transport of molecules, hormonal responses, exocytose, cell fusion adhesion, and growth.


In skin, Calcium plays two important roles:


Like other tissues and organ systems, calcium is a basic mineral and universal



The unique gradient of calcium in the epidermis regulates homeostasis and

regeneration of functional skin barrier



Regeneration of Skin barrier


A unique trapezoidal distribution of mineral concentration within the epidermis regulates skin barrier regeneration. Extreme environments induce mineral concentration changes in the epidermis, which results in abnormal barrier formation. To prevent and eliminate an abnormal skin barrier, which leads to dry, sensitive, scaly, and damaged skin, GENEPHARM worked to incorporate Calcium-T technology into its products. It was discovered that only by using a special delivery system with topical applications, could the calcium concentration gradient be effectively restored to its normal distribution; thus providing the best environment for natural skin barrier regeneration. This leads to the continuous formation of healthy skin with good moisture retention capabilities and protection from infection and disease by foreign substances.




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